Group Hug!

May 30, 2007

Seriously, they’re so cute.

And for when the video gets taken down for copyright infringement, here’s the general idea:

Jose Reyes is about to give Carlos Delgado a bear hug.



After the Subway Series this weekend, we all learned something important. The Mets hold the spirit of New York collectively in the little burned-out chewing tobacco pouches in their lower lips. And the Yankees are losers.

But in case the fact that winning the series doesn’t really bring that home for you, Yankee fan, I’ll take a moment to state some more key points.

We have this guy:

Jose Reyes – Hotty Pants

And you have this guy:

Tyler Clippard – Abomination

We have this guy:

David Wright – 3 Home Runs

And you have this guy:

Robinson Cano – 3 Errors

That is all.

Lastings Milledge – funny-named, hubris-filled, 12-year-old 22-year-old Mets outfielder – has a side project that I totally didn’t know about. He’s the CEO of Soul-ja Boi Records and, even more excitingly, is a guest rapper on the song “Bend Ya Knees” featured on an upcoming album.

Some important issues to note:

He is going by “L Millz” on the album. This is only slightly worse than his actual name.

“Boi” is such a cute way to spell “boy.”

The song features some mega-potty-mouth, not necessarily uttered by L Millz, but certainly by nearby party. What will this say about the otherwise lovely-tempered, corn-fed Mets?

The Colorado Rockies pwned the Mets like so many n00bs this week. They also pwned the Yankees recently. And actually, they’re the only team that’s done both of those things this season. According to the Denver Post, “The sweep of the Yankees was electric, the mom-and-pop shop spilling coffee on Starbucks’ lap. The sweep of the Mets was dominant, the Rockies turning a series of New York pitchers into speed bags.” I don’t really know what speed bags are because I’m not from the highlands or whatever, but that seems a little harsh. On a side note, I have a little bit of a fondness for the Denver Post’s whirling-dervish style sports prose.

Not that I want to turn Brooklyn Skeptic into a porno site or anything (yeah right), but in the interest of sharing the bounty, here it is: a sexy GQ photo shoot of Davey and Josie (pronounced ho-see) looking, interestingly enough, sexy. Oh man.



Um, seriously they’re going to fire me for posting porno. And it’ll be worth it.

Heinrich VonWright

In a display of team unity, the Mets (a few bashful heartthrobs aside) shaved their heads together on Tuesday. My feelings are mixed…

Team bonding activities = Adorable

Haircuts that further accentuate gumdrop-sized head-moles = NOT Adorable

The math is too complicated for me…I got a D in Pre-Algebra.