In this post-obesity crisis world, we often look to our celebrities as role models for our food choices.

But what happens when that celebrity is used for ill? What happens when one team that we all know and trust and find utterly adorable sends us two conflicting messages?

I submit for your perusal: Jose hocking Wise chips like somebody’s grandma hocking homemade potholders at the church craft fair; Endy shilling for low-fat dairy products like Michael Pollan shilling for a local, biodiverse diet.


jose-chips.jpg vs. endy-milk.jpg

The problem. The solution.

Two different Mets, two different messages. Tsk tsk Jose. Sure, “Wise” brand might be able to pay you in diamonds and rubies while the 3-a-day lowfat dairy council rewards Endy with brand X yogurt and black and white pictures of cheese, but he is part of the solution and you my adorable, button-nosed, fleet-footed friend, are part of the problem.