Though they were a little late to the game, I was happy to read the Village Voice giving press to the short “I’m Keith Hernandez,” whose street art/t-shirt marketing campaign is notably aesthetically pleasing.

In answer to the question, “if you want people to watch your film, why don’t you post it on youtube?” creator and ‘stache-lover Robert Perri explains that he wants his film to be like the Jerky Boys tape of yore, an illicit piece of swarthy love that travels sticky hand-to-sticky hand.

Check it out here.


A press release from the American Mustache Institute this week reported, “after three weeks of heated debates and thousands of votes from around the world, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) declared Keith Hernandez the winner of its vote for the Top Sports Mustache of All Time.” That’s right! Another win for the Mets…and a couple of less important other teams.

Our mustachioed friend beat out such sports luminaries as Hulk Hogan and Dale Earnhardt to take the top prize. Kudos to you, Keith. Kudos.