Mets Update for Heartbreak

October 1, 2007

So I had all sorts of grand plans to introduce my posting at this blog, outline what my style would be, etc, but alas the Mets have lost and this is all I can muster. There will maybe be some intermittent posting through the off-season but this’ll have to do for a while.

How This Makes Us Feel

Take a look a this kitten. Look for awhile, really take it in. Adorable little paws, cute little pleading eyes, etc. Cute and defenseless.




Okay, now imagine this is your kitty. You wouldn’t entrust this kitty to the care of anyone but yourself, especially not a stranger. However, as time goes by you start dating this guy and while he has his flaws (maybe a little flaky) he certainly seems nice, well intentioned, and at least outwardly competent. After a while you finally start to trust him around your kitty. You see that while he is a little oafish and rougher in handling than you’d like, they make an adorable match (kind of like Koko the Gorilla and the kitten). It warms your heart to watch his well-meaning and earnest, though clumsy handling of this fragile defenseless little thing. So later on, you have to go away for the weekend and you are feeling like taking the little “big step” of letting him take care of the cat while you’re gone. You worry a bit. Will he miss feeding him? Will he let the litter box become rancid? Will he terrify the hell out of it by chasing it around the apartment? But you soon assuage these fears, because even if he does, it’ll be alright. It’s just a few days how bad could he mess up, he’s a nice guy, a normal guy, right? Well, wrong. Because in this particular scenario, before you can even leave the apartment, he gets all Lenny from Mice of Men on you, picks up the kitty and breaks it neck all while you are forced to watch, helpless to do anything.

So to recap, how does this make us feel? Well I would suggest you scroll up and look at the little cute kitty again. Done? So the kitty is symbolic of a Mets fan’s hope for the 2007 season (or alternatively the division lead that they had, but you novices never mind that), and the murder of this kitty, well, it makes us feel sad, mad, frustrated, confused, angry, etc, etc, etc. I mean not only did you lose kitty (tragic) but also you had thought you had found one of those rare nice guys (2007 version of the Mets) and he turns out to be total freak (oh no, not again!). Mostly you ask yourself, “why? All he had to do was not kill you the cat. It was okay if was going to be a bit neglectful, flaky, clumsy, you can terms with that…but he killed the kitty!!!”

Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but this one hurts girls.


So despite all this teams flaws, they managed to be in a position where all they needed to do was get one win against a very bad team to keep hope alive. Instead they lose in brutal fashion, completing one of, if not the worst collapse of all time. Let’s hope that 2008 Mets treat us, and our kitty better next year. Final record: 88-74.